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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Siapakah Anaconda dalam Barisan Nasional ? (Part 2)

Siapakah Anaconda dalam Barisan Nasional?
(Part 2)

Anaconda (Klik)

Aper cer bro...lebih 18 lapuran polis dah dibuat. Anak buah tak buat kejeke?


Klik imej untuk lebih besar

Dr KD Sivakumar (klik) got himself a director position in Innoscal (M) Sdn. Bhd. His position and wittyness helped in all the way until used it topple others in the company and grasp everything for himself. He used all his wits and method’s and even up to the police to make reports against his partners. His wits and met were so profoundly well planning and so very well active to suspend Mr Kumarasamy from PTP. Having no other avenue his partners had seek justice by reporting Dr. KD Sivakumar ‘s fraudulence to the police.

Dr. KD Sivakumar (klik) is well known to the power crazy in PPP (Peoples Progressive Party). He used his position to warn threaten, chase and terminate members who question him. The termination was done on his own record without consulting or proper procedure.

Let it be who’s, when it concerns RM (money) submitted to him becomes his Personal. How fraudulent he is.

In conclusion there are causes of all the dissatisfaction of people with him and around him.

To whom it may concern:


Datuk Seri Dr. M. Kayveas
People's Progressive Party (PPP)

Bro Kayveas, wa nak kasi lu satu lagu bertajuk
'Dont do this, Dont do that'

Dr. KD Sivakumar has joined PPP Johor (People Progressive Party) in a year 2003, as an ordinary member. Soon after just in a year, he became the Deputy Chairman of Johor State PPP in 2004. In just for a short time he became the state PPP chairman, in the year 2005. This rapid promotion I believe due to his brother in law Datuk Kayveas President of PPP Malaysia.

Klik imej untuk lebih besar

Klik imej untuk lebih besar

Several police report has been made against Dr. KD Sivakumar by members of PPP and also general Public beginning from the year 2007 for threatening, cheating and corruption. Dr KD Sivakumar is known to have made false police reports. He has also forged document for the sake of saving his own interest. Another incident Puan Saroja a/p Nagarayan Nair and Dr. KD Sivakumar has taken the company’s money to their own account. Dr. KD Sivakumar has misused the Innoseak (M) Sdn. Bhd. Entering Pelabuhan Tanjung Pelepas and take away (steal)business in Pelabuhan Tanjung Pelepas from people who entrusted him into becoming a partner in their company. (Innoseal (M) Sdn. Bhd.)

Dr. KD Sivakumar has also made a false police report which made the police to arrest two of Innoseal (M) Sdn. Bhd. Employee’s and landing them up in the police lock up. Quickly before the identification parade Dr. KD Sivakumar showed the photograph of the detainees to his clinic staffs. This I believe he wanted the identification parade to be made easier to point out the person of his own interest.

Police Report No :
JBS 003617/08 on 10/02/08 Nusa Jaya 009213/08 on 12/09/08

Nusa Jaya 001882/08 on 24/02/08 G. Patah 007727/08 on 29/03/08

Nusa Jaya 003616/08 on 13/04/08 Skudai 002559/08 on 06/04/09

JG Kupan 00575/08 on 30/0508 Tmn. Universiti 000655/08 on 06/04/08

Nusa Jaya 007386/08 on 22/05/08 Tmn. Universiti 000668/08 on 07/04/08

Skudai 001744/08 on 24/02/08 Tmn. Universiti 00672/08 on 07/04/08

Nusa Jaya 009209/08 on 12/09/08 Nusa Jaya 006413/03 on 22/06/08

Telephone conversation and CD is attached with. (conversation between the Kumarasamy , Ungku Hamzah the Directors of Innoseal (M) Sdn. Bhd, and Mr. Thiagu, Mr. Steen Knudsen (General Operation Manager) in Pelabuhan Tanjung Pelepas.)

Mr. Kumarasamy a/l Naciappan
I/C No. 610617-01-6175

Mr. Chandran a/l Mukunden
I/C No. 730507-01-5071

Mr. Varantharajoo a/l Vairanmuthoo
I/C No. 540715-02-5373

Paruvathy a/p Gunasagaran
I/C No. 740510-01-5290

Muniswary a/p Guvindasamy
I/C No. 560208-08-5214

There was an (incident) where all PPP Johor Divisional chairman have handed over cheques and cash as donation collected for PPP to Dr. KD Sivakumar. To their disappointment, these Divisional Chairmans did not get any receipt, statement of account, or explanation to what happened to their contributions. I have my personal prove that one of my contribution cheque has been banked into Dr. KD Sivakumar, Share Holding Company ( Massif Design Sdn. Bhd.)

Police Report No:

Nusa Jaya 009209/08 on 12/09/08

Nusa Jaya 009213/08 on 12/09/08

Senai 002705/09 on 22/06/09

Mr. Kumarasamy a/l Naciappan
I/C No. 610617-01-6175

Subramaniam a/l Govindasamy
I/C No. 460809-01-5053

Knowing that Mr Selvanesan was strongly supporting and campaining for Datuk Murugaih, Dr. KD Sivakumar has personally telephoned Mr. Selvanesan and warned him asking Mr. Selvanesan will have history concluded.

In another incident Mr Rasamanikam (Divisional secretary for Johor Bahru) was ordered out of the Johor State PPP meeting and sacked for Questioning Dr. KD Sivakumar. After which Dr. KD Sivakumar personally called Mr. Rasamanikam and warned that he will finish Mr. Rasamanikam.

Police Report No :

Skudai 001194/08 on 06/02/08

Nusa Jaya 005063/09 on 20/05/09

Spg. Rengam 002021/09 on 31/05/09

JBS 011310/09 on 13/06/09

Mr. Selvanesan a/l Kolanthenesunathan
I/C No. 740927-01-5261

Mr. Rasamanikam a/l chinnappan
I/C No . 491213-01-5089

Mr. Muruga Raj a/l Rajathurai
IC No. 671223-05-5517

Sultan Ibrahim Ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar
Sultan Johor

Tuanku, boleh tak tolong tengok-tengokkan kes ini apa yang dah jadi sebenarnya?
Tuanku ingat lagi tak rumah saya di 42A, Jalan Ngee Heng sekitar tahun 70an? hi...hi...

In such a short period of time for KD Sivakumar fro an ordinary PPP member was holding the post of Johor State PPP Chairman, I appreciated that, as I was a strong supporter of him.
But what happen after that all disappointments, many police reports has been made against him. This did not stop him or make him repent.

I seek the help of the concerned authorities to the safeguard the innocents and save them from the vicious acts of Dr. KD Sivakumar.

This is compiled in the interest of giving the innocent Public Peace and Security.

Thanking In Advance
Your’s faithfully,

Subramaniam a/l Govindasamy
I/C No. 460809-01-5053
Vice Chairman PPP Johor State

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